social psychology

Purchasing Luxury: Necessity, Vanity, or simply Insanity

If you have had those moments where the dilemma is just so ironic, you want to kick yourself, read on. "So, do I pay rent or buy these beautiful [insert your item of desired that's oh-so-unreasonably-priced]?" First world problem, right? Well, call it what you may. At the core foundation of human behaviors, we are social animals who have very specific needs. What might be the cause of these needs? Let's take a look at the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs below (bear with me, I'm not nerd-ing out on you, promise). When your needs at a certain level are satisfied, you, as a social animal, will seek to satisfy the next level. It is not a one-way street to fulfillment, which thus explains the frustration-regression principle.

I am not proclaiming that such hierarchy is the ultimate truth of life. It is, however, a very nice system to build an understanding of your human behaviors. Let me, at least, say this: be happy that you are thinking about purchasing handbags and shoes because you are probably not starving, dehydrating, or living on the streets. 

So what do your needs of handbags and fancy shoes say about you?

That you are, indeed, a human being whose needs are partially fulfilled. Are you buying yourself a gift? Are you buying out of boredom? Maybe you are going on a fancy date. Whatever reasons that might be, DIG DEEPER. It's not because you are weak, vain, or a woman. It's because you are a human being and also a work in progress. Do not let anyone, no matter who they are, tell you otherwise.

Keep working on yourself.

And look very beautiful doing it! Why not?