haute couture

Cleo Sullivan ft. Mischka Aoki and Bonnie Young

Cleo Sullivan feels like a lucid dream, at least his works do. There are no boundaries between his subjects and their surroundings. The children, they are blended, submerged, and forever captured in another world. Poetry or wicked fantasy?

Featured up top is the Bonnie Young campaign, which is then followed by a combination of both Bonnie Young and Mischka Aoki. Bonnie Young is an American designer and former Senior Creative Director of Donna Karan Collection. She founded Bonnie Young in 2006 and opened her first store in 2007. Mischka Aoki is an Australian powerhouse for children's haute couture founded in 2009. The brand has since adorned the famed and privileged circle internationally.

There cannot possibly be a better way to illustrate extravagance and perfection of craftsmanship. The FW15 Mischka Aoki collection (seen above) is a narrative of the Greek mythology Judgement of Paris. Paris of Troy, the Shepherd Prince could not judge any to be the fairest of goddesses. Beauty was then to be shared and treasured by those who are gifted with it.

Beauty and innocence are hard to defined, especially when it comes to children.  In the age of technology and pop culture, we're constantly stimulated. Our identities are constantly challenged. What does it really mean to be beautiful? What doest it really mean to protect your child's innocence? With brands like Mischka Aoki and Bonnie Young, the lines are slightly blurred between the art and prodigal consumerism. Choices are, as always, personal and subject to change.

Just something to ponder upon. Enjoy the week ahead!