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The "Made in" struggle: Why does it matter?

I have been following some discussions on the "Made in" debate. Check them out here.  For what it's worth, let's just focus on luxury brands right now. Why does it matter and what actually is the main source of concern? A product that is labeled "Made in France" or "Made in Italy" can merely mean that it was packaged and finalized in these respective countries. It does not mean that the production was done strictly in France or Italy. If you don't think that there are Chinese sweatshops in any of these countries, you are incorrect. "The Chinese — the largest nation of luxury consumers in the world — want their watches to be Swiss, their perfumes and cosmetics to be French, their cars to be German and their bags and shoes to be either Italian or French." What a curious paradox! The whole world is made in China! (excuse my use of hyperbole).

Does the idea of underage workers laboring over your handbags in a Chinese sweatshop bother you? As much as the fact that we're spending $1000 for a pair of shoes? The truth of the matter is, your choice as a consumer has little to do with a manufacturer's ethics (I welcome comments on this). The same thing goes for brand owners, sometimes, you just need to get things done. Nobody is paying the bills but you.

Speaking about Toulula specifically, we depend a lot on our vendors and the best that we can do is to choose them wisely. In all honesty, when faced with the question "Where does your merchandise come from?", I can only say that some are from China, some are from South America, and sometimes your guess is as good as mine. We focus first, and foremost, on product quality and customer excellence. The rest is subjected to change.

The system is in motion. You gotta pay to play.