Alessandro Michele: Gucci's New Affair


The Bohemians are back, everyone; and Alessandro Michele is Gucci's John Lennon. In the image above, you can see a Gucci Campaign in the 90s (left and middle), then now in 2015. The silhouettes have softened a lot; and while that masculine edge is still there, it feels a lot more mellow and romantic. Makes me want to pop open a bottle of Napa Cabernet. Yea, you heard me right. American wine to an Italian romance. There are many kinds of romance, you know. A slow walk with wind in your hair or a daredevil ride on a bike—they're all worth it. The new collection feels like that slow walk, maybe with comic books, and a boombox (honestly).

Above is the man himself, Alessandro Michele. “It’s not easy to live now,” he says. “I think we need to dream. So I wanted to present an idea of something romantic, in dream time—like in a movie.” And dream he did. Quirky old-lady-inspired pink lace with big earrings and glasses. He's simply having a lot of fun. All the boys are dipped in florals with disheveled, long hair. I told you—bohemians, hippies, dreamers, lovers—they're all back. 

Romance is overstated and undervalued. Whatever that means to you. Have a wondrous weekend!


1. Top right and bottom left: Photography by Jamie Hawkesworth as seen in Vogue July, 2015.

2. Bottom middle and right: Backstage at Gucci SS16. Photography by Virginia Arcaro