On the Road: Detours, Road Blocks, and Other Directions

After Hurricane Irma

After Hurricane Irma

About three years ago, I started Toulula as a fashion platform that mainly focuses on vintage items. The site still embraces its original nature. I, myself, have taken on a different message. 

Shortly after starting Toulula in 2015, I got into law school. That took up a very big chunk of my time and the site has been completely neglected. 

This time around, I want Toulula to be more conversational and relatable. You can still make purchases on the site whenever I find interesting vintage items. However, the main focus is on --- surprise surprise -- my life. 

Over the past two years, being in law school has required some serious rewiring of my brain. Life got more serious, I got older, and to be honest, more tired. Outside of the bookish world that I have been living in, I stopped paying attention to much else. But I want to change that i.e., connect more, eat better, take better care of myself, and truly care more about my external self as well as the internal one. In brief, Toulula is taking on a form of social study that I commit myself to. 

On a more practical note, the entire world is moving online. My site is essentially my virtual real estate. Now I have grow its value with content.

Welcome to my home.